Our salsa is made to be the freshest, best tasting salsa available. Our recipe comes directly from south Texas. It was my goal to bring a great traditional salsa to a market dominated by big companies who are more concerned about the bottom line rather than producing a great product. After all, I have my name on it and I stake my reputation every day on the quality of my product. If you are not completely satisfied with my salsa you may return it for a full refund. (Thank God this has never happened.) My commitment is to my customers, and I truly appreciate your business.

Thank you,
Clint Poulter
President C.P. Industries

Clint's Mild is perfect for people who enjoy salsa, but don't like it hot. You can taste all the fresh ingredients without the burn. Unlike other companies, we do not water down the mild; we just use fewer peppers. Clint's Medium is our most popular flavor. It has a bite, but just enough to keep you coming back for more. If you like some heat, but don't like to sweat, this is the salsa for you. Our Hot is an award winning salsa that will burn, but retains a great taste. We only use serrano peppers, which are known for their superior taste as well as their heat. If you really like it hot, you will love this one.
Clint's Barbecue - Spicy Original - Lives up to its name. This one is spicy and has a great taste that is sure to please any true barbecue fan. Try it on Beef, Chicken, or Pork.
Clint's Chipotle has a bit of the spice and a bit of the smoked flavor that you can add to any of your meals. Or for any of your salsa needs.
Clint's Black Bean and Corn Salsa is what you need to add a little bit of sweetness with a bit of texture, and warmth.
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